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    Pirmoji knyga skirta Lietuvos motociklizmo istorijoje

    BIKERSTORY.LT tai pirmoji knyga skirta Lietuvos motociklizmo istorijoje. Iki šiol nežinojome nieko tikro apie tarpukario Lietuvos motociklininkus, jų motociklus ir šalyje veikusius motociklininkų klubus.

    The Playboy Club bunny manual

    The iconic Playboy Bunny is a symbol of the fabulous swinging era of the ’60s & ’70s that Hugh Hefner honed to a razor sharp point in the form of a fuzzy cotton tail that adorned the hostess Bunnies in his famous (or infamous) Playboy clubs that cropped-up around the world. From the pages of the Ex Playboy Bunnies Website (with its trove of photos, btw) is an official hand-typed “The Playboy Club Bunny Manual” which strictly dictates the duties, demeanor, and personal presentation expected of Playboy Bunnies at all times.

    49 Year Rride generations on the road

    “Steve Leandro has been building and riding bikes since the late ’60s and has inspired many over the decades dedicated to his passion.  I was able to uncover some Super 8 footage from 1974 of the ‘Run To the Redwoods”, which he was a part of, and some 1972 Super 8 footage of the influences in Steve’s life to create a piece that I believe acknowledges Steve’s humble beginings and honors his current impact on those who love an old Harley.”  –Marc Bencivenga, filmmaker