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    Первый свой мотоцикл

    Хочешь трахаться - покупай мотороллер.
    Первый свой мотоцикл «Ковровец» я купил, когда мне было четырнадцать лет. Купил у соседа за двадцать рублей...

    How To Ride At Night

    Night riding is one of the most enjoyable experiences you will encounter on your motorcycle. However, night motorcycle riding can also be an extremely dangerous activity as it is difficult for some motorist to see you and respond by avoiding you. This article includes helpful hints that can make your night motorcycle riding safer and more enjoyable...

    R.I.P. Dennis Hopper. A legend is lost

    R.I.P. Dennis Hopper. A legend is lost....
    I say, if you're going to build and ride an old school chopper, you need to have the style and attitude to back it up. This picture of Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider pretty much sums up both.