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    How to Make a Leather Saddlebag

    The young farmer decided to become a biker. He liked to ride his Harley in the prairies, but nobody understood his hobby in the village. So he decided to go to the nearest town and have a look how motorbikes look like there. He saw a lot of sparkling in the sun motorbikes near one shop.  Various bags were hanging on them. He came into the shop. His eyes widened as he saw a lot of various  leather things  there. Wonderful  leather bags, jackets, trousers and even can holders were there...

    Rat Motorcycles, or Rat Bikes as they are know

    Rat motorcycles, or rat bikes as they are know, have been around since motorcycles started roaming the earth. According to the Wikipedia, a rat bike is "The concept of keeping a motorcycle in at least minimally operational condition without consideration for appearance has probably characterized motorcycle ownership since its earliest days".

    Farewell Rob & THE ACE - You guys own the bat, all i do is

    The ACE Cafe in San Francisco officially closed on March 27th, 2011. It was the day all the beer ran out, because they drank it dry. I regret that I never had the opportunity to visit and pay my respects to a man that clearly ran one helluva bar– some say one of the best.