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Gift COUPON - 100EUR

Gift COUPON - 100EUR
Product Code: 00GC100
Availability: In Stock
Price: 100.00€

How long will it take to receive my Gift Coupon?
You will receive your gift certificate via e-mail after one working day after placing your order.

Can I send a gift coupon to a friend or family member?
Yes! After placing your order you will receive an e-mail from us containing your order receipt. On the next day you will receive another email containing your gift coupon. The Gift Coupon email is attractively designed and can be forwarded (via e-mail) to your recipient.

Where can I use Gift Coupon?
Gift Coupon can be used right here on saddlebags.eu website. Unfortunately, they can not be used in retail stores, or for orders placed on other websites.
Discounts apply to merchandise only and do not apply to shipping.

Will my gift coupon expire if I don't use it?
Yes, so please pay attention to the expiry date displayed on the coupon. Your gift coupon will expire 6 months from the date of purchase. 

For what amount can I purchase gift Coupon ?
20€ 50€ 100€ and 200€  gift coupon are available. Multiple coupons can be purchased and combined upon request (e.g. 50+20=70€). Simply contact us.

Please note:
If the sum of purchase is smaller than the value of gift coupon, change will not be returned.
If the purchase is greater than the sum of the gift coupon, an additional form of payment is required to pay the difference.


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